Totoquiz App: What is new in Version 2 and how can a child in primary school in Uganda use the App to revise and learn

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Kids revising using Totoquiz App

It is half the year 2021 and one of the greatest achievements of Toto Technologies (Uganda) as an EdTech Startup is releasing version 2 of Totoquiz App. You might be a parent in Uganda with a child at the primary level i.e. Primary 1 to Primary 7 and due to lockdown, your child probably has limited access to educational resources. And yes Holiday work, past papers, and textbooks are all being sold everywhere but there is still a fact that all these have become costly and you probably can not afford to buy everything or even when you buy, it is hard for you to homeschool your child.

So you decided to sit back and wait for the lockdown to end but this comes with uncertainties as the lockdown is instead being extended due to the current rise in COVID 19 cases in Uganda.

Enough of the worries, let’s get to the point, if you are that parent I am talking about? you’re just in the right place at the right time. The Good News I bring you is Totoquiz App is just the right answer to all your questions.

What’s Totoquiz App?

Totoquiz App is a digital platform that enables children in primary school in Uganda to study and revise digitally in Uganda. The web and Android based platform offers revision quizzes and a digital library for all primary children in Uganda as well as enables learners to ask their teachers questions. Totoquiz App has Educational content for pupils to access anytime, anywhere. With Totoquiz, Education Inclusivity is what we strive to achieve, we ensure that the app has content that benefits every child in primary school.

Education being one of the most affected industry in Uganda during the pandemic, there is no doubt that this App solves several challenges both the parents and pupils have faced.

What Features make Totoquiz App Unique?

Let’s explore the app and learn about these amazing features that make Totoquiz unique. Before we go further, Get the 1MB Totoquiz App from Playstore.

  1. No need to signup just sign in

With version 1 of the app, one would have to go through some steps creating an account but we simplified things with the new version 2, no need to remember passwords.

When you install the app, the first thing that you see is a sign-in page. Likewise to Web App, We decided to make it simple for you, just sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. All you need to do is Authenticate and you will have an account instantly.

Login to Totoquiz App using either your Google, Facebook or Twitter Accounts

2. Quiz Mode

This is our favourite feature of the App. With Quiz Mode, your child has access to Quizsets. A Quizset contains 4 quizzes i.e. English, Social studies, Mathematics and Science for Classes P3 to P7, and Literacy 1, Literacy 2, Numbers and English for classes P1 and P2. The first quizset is completely free and the others go for UGX: 3000 for lower primary (P1, P2, P3) and UGX: 4000 for Upper Primary (P4, P5, P6, P7). Occassionally we offer more free quizzes.

When a child attempts a quiz, the app automatically marks the quiz and shows the results. If the child hasn’t scored 100%, they still have a chance to retry the quiz until they get everything right.

Totoquiz App: Quiz mode

3. Payments

This is another interesting feature that was introduced in version 2. We integrated Mobile Money just to simplify your payment procedure.

With Quiz Mode, a parent will have to pay for the quizsets using their mobile money number for either Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money.

How to Pay

- Tap on any quiz in a quizset you want to buy. You will be redirected to the payments page

- Enter your phone number starting with +2567xxxxxxxx NOT 07xxxxxxxx and Tap on PAY NOW button

- A mobile money prompt is sent on your phone requesting you to enter PIN and confirm payment. After paying, Tap on the CHECK STATUS button on the payments page

- If our servers receive a confirmation of your payment, you will see the GO TO QUIZ button

The next time your child taps on any quiz in a quizset, they will not see the payment page

Enter phone number, enter pin, approve payment and check the status of your payment. When payment is a success, you will see GO TO QUIZ

4. Learn Mode

This is another important feature and this one is for classes P3, P4, P5, P6 and P7. So with this feature, the child has access to notes/topics for all the subjects. The child will only select a class and be able to view subjects, select a subject and revision can start immediately.

This feature is completely free and no fee is charged.

5. Ask Teacher Toto

As the child revises, questions may arise, and this is very normal. We understand the fact the pupils can really be inquisitive and we value that so this feature was designed just to serve that purpose. The child can type his/her question and our Content Development Team will respond with an answer to the question.

Totoquiz App Ask teacher toto mode
Totoquiz App: Ask Teacher Toto Mode

Last but not least is the ease to Navigate, you will notice that navigating through Totoquiz App is really very easy. As stated earlier, our target age group is the reason why we make this App really easy to use.

The only parts where a child needs help is signing in and making payments. When the parent signs in, the rest are for the child to do with very minimal guidance.

All the above features are available in the Android App and Web App. Watch this short video as we take you through the Web App.

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