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Picture Courtesy of Totoquiz: Lucky and Sheila revising

Back on 3rd January, 2020, Totoquiz App was launched in Uganda. We started out with a progressive web app and later on 16th March, 2021 released an Android App.

A brief about Totoquiz

Totoquiz is a web and Android platform that enables children in primary school in Uganda to study and revise online.

The digital platform enables learners to take quizzes and view their score on completion. This eliminates the need to wait to be marked. The platform also has a digital library where topical notes, video and any content can be added. Learners are also able to ask teachers questions and receive responses from their teachers.


Here is an informative video on how Totoquiz App works:

Our key achievements over these two years

Improvement of the user or parent onboarding process
Initially users had to sign up using a username and password. As per our analytics, we noticed that parents were failing to sign up especially due to the password requirements. We decided to experiment and use social login with Facebook, Google and Twitter. This improved our user sign up rate by 95%

Addition of mobile money payments
When we launched Totoquiz, usage of the app was free. We researched different business models we could utilize and measured their effectiveness by assessing what other apps in Uganda have done. Upon researching and engaging parents, we decided to implement a mixed modal of having freemium and premium content. Since access to education has to be equitable, our pricing had to reflect this in such a way that it is affordable for the urban and rural parents. We were able to add mobile money payments using MTN and Airtel through our integration with Beyonic.
Currently, some content in the app is free whereas the other is premium or accessible at a fee of UGX 3000/4000.

Launch of Version 2
We made some app improvements as well as added new features.
Read more about Version 2 here

Totoquiz App: What is new in Version 2 and how can a child in primary school in Uganda use the App to revise and learn | by Toto Technologies (Uganda) | Medium

Introduction of Totoquiz B2B
Since elearning is the new normal and is now an integration most school would need and consider, we launched Totoquiz Business to Business (B2B) where we customize Totoquiz for different schools and thus enabling them have their own eLearning platforms.
Learn more here:

Totoquiz B2B: A new offering where we customize for Schools and institutions in Uganda | by Toto Technologies (Uganda) | Medium

The Numbers
- 1000+ Android App installs
- Processed 15+ mobile money payments which further validates our business model

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