Totoquiz App: Our Cloud Migration from Digital Ocean to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Toto Technologies (Uganda)
2 min readApr 9, 2022


For the past year we have been hosting and serving Totoquiz services using Digital Ocean.

On 9th April 2022, we received $1000 in Cloud credits and $350 in developer support credits from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate program.

Currently, our services that are hosted on Digital Ocean is distant from the African continent. This has caused issues like slowness due to latency thou with the integration with Cloudflare, a Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN), speeds while accessing the web services greatly improved.

AWS is the leading cloud provider and used by leading companies such as Adobe, Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook among others.

These credits give us more time to improve our product and dedicate more resources to growth efforts and content development.

With a vison to make education inclusive and educational content accessible for all pupils in Uganda, we believe that as a digital platform, we need a reliable cloud partner to deliver and scale our EdTech solution to over 10 million learners in primary school in Uganda.

We are forever grateful to AWS for such credits which will enable us further to build a better EdTech product for pupils in Uganda.

A brief about Totoquiz App

Totoquiz App is a digital platform that enables children in primary school in Uganda to study and revise digitally in Uganda. The web and Android based platform offers revision quizzes and a digital library for all primary children in Uganda as well as enables learners to ask their teachers questions. Totoquiz App has educational content for pupils to access anytime, anywhere. With Totoquiz, Education Inclusivity is what we strive to achieve, we ensure that the app has content that benefits every child in primary school.

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About AWS Activate

AWS Activate provides startups with a host of benefits, including AWS credits*, AWS support plan credits, and architecture guidance to help grow your business.

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