Totoquiz B2B: A new offering where we customize for Schools and institutions in Uganda

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3 min readSep 3, 2021


HIHU Learning, a customization by Toto Technologies

With the current closure of schools, elearning is the new normal. Elearning enables learners to continue learning from anywhere and anytime.

Current challenge is there is no clear defined path for schools to embrace or take on elearning. It is a big gamble for most schools and institutions in the education space

What if schools and institutions would tap into using experience gained by an edtech player like Totoquiz App in building an elearning platform.

A brief about Totoquiz
Totoquiz is a web and Android platform that enables children in primary school in Uganda to study and revise online. The digital platform enables learners to take quizzes and view their score on completion. This eliminates the need to wait to be marked. The platform also has a digital library where topical notes, video and any content can be added. Learners are also able to ask teachers questions and receive responses from their teachers.

Our platform has a cumulative download count of over 1000+


How Totoquiz monetizes its content
We added Mobile money payments (Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money) where parents are able to pay for content accessed by their children. Affordability is at the heart of our pricing strategy. Our content pricing range is SHS. 3000–4000.

As Toto Technologies, the startup behind the development of Totoquiz, we are starting the customization of this platform for different schools and institutions. The platform can be customized for Primary and secondary school sections.

Our 1st customization:

Customizing Totoquiz for Hand in Hand Uganda (HIHU)

HIHU is the first institution that has been customized for. Their elearning platform is branded as HIHU Learning.

HIHU Learning is an elearning initiative and platform by Hand in Hand Uganda - SNE Center Mukono. The platform has educative learning materials primarily for learners in primary schools especially the marginalized learners.
Learners are able to access quizzes added by their teachers. They also have access to video content created with sign langauge in mind. Learners are also able to ask their teachers questions and get timely responses. The platform also has skills mode where learners are able to learn skills such as; tailoring, making crafts among others which can enable them start generating income. Lastly, platform offers anyone an opportunity to learn sign language too.


About Hand in Hand Uganda

Hand in Hand Uganda is a community based organization that was started in 1987 by a team of volunteers from Norway. HIHU has its headquarters in Norway. SNE Center exists to transform lives through community empowerment programs geared towards the creation of a society that is friendly to the marginalized through the provision of education, sustainable integrated technical and material support, health promotion and income generation.


What we offer your school or institution

  • Customized elearning platform with your needs in consideration
  • Cloud hosting. We host your platform ensure 99.99% uptime as well as deliver frequent updates to your platform.
  • Payments Integration. We shall setup for you a collections account where payments made will be collected.

    We currently use Beyonic, one of Uganda’s leading enterprise payments providers to integrate MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money into your solution.
  • User Training. Toto Technologies will offer user training for all teachers or staff that will have access to the platform.
  • Features upon request. We can customize the platform to add your own custom features which our software development team will develop and add at a fee.

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