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EdTech in Uganda is one sector that has just gained momentum ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

As a tech enthusiast and EdTech innovator, I launched my EdTech innovation, Totoquiz, on 3rd January, 2020. The pandemic hit Uganda in March, 2020. Across the world, EdTech innovations such as Khan Academy, saw a rise in number of users as schools were closed as a measure to curb the spread of COVID-19. In Africa, very few of already existing innovations saw a rise in number of users for example Eneza Education in Kenya. Briefly, Eneza Education is an EdTech startup founded in 2011 that offers revision materials for primary and secondary students in Kenya. They recently scaled to Ivory Coast and Rwanda.

Uganda, my homeland has very few EdTech innovations. Majority of the few EdTech innovations here do one of the following;

- Upload PDF documents for users to view and download

- Post questions on a website for a user to view, manually write the questions in their books

These include; , ,,

A few schools have also developed their own eLearning portals where they publish holiday work and notes. All these platforms work in such as a way that a student or parent heads there to download work in either .doc or .pdf format.

The schools include;

In Uganda, over 50% of the population has access to internet basing on recent statistics released by Uganda Communications Commission.

Television, Radio and Printed home study materials were some of the channels utilized by the Government of Uganda to ensure continued learning among learners.

Newspapers such as Daily Monitor publish pull-outs for learners to study while at home.

By the time of writing this story (11th March, 2021), candidates and semi candidates have already reported back to school while other learners have stayed.

Thou due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in Uganda, more EdTech innovations have come up and grown and these include:

About Totoquiz, an EdTech innovation I founded

Totoquiz is a digital platform that enables children in primary school in Uganda to revise using educative quizzes, learn using our digital library and ask teachers questions.

Totoquiz is an innovation by Toto Technologies

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I am Kyanda Steven. The founder and lead software developer at Toto Technologies.

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